Augmented Reality (Hindi)

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Augmented Reality (Hindi)

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Features Includes:
  • 9 Pre-Recorded Sessions
  • 20 Hours
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of Completion

This course helps children to build and design their imaginary games in the Real time interactive world.

Early access to this course gives a better understanding of different 2D and 3D objects, Assets, Scripting language, Image Targeting and much more. .

Conceptual learning of Augment Reality brings a new vision towards a new world along with theories through the scripting part and creating Animated Assets which help children to learn in an easy way.

With this course you can build real time 9+ projects in the span of just 3 months, mastering from the basics to advance level of concepts in Augmented Reality.

Our Courses provides an opportunity to build 100 projects, tech playtime will never end and it will get your curiosity to its peak.

20+ hours of online content with AI enable portal helps you learn at your convenient timings round the clock with period test and certification at the end of the course.

What Will I Learn?

As the name suggest, our Augmented Reality (AR) course, will give you an Interactive Real Time Gaming experience where you can learn to design your own game using different 3D objects, Animation, Database Creation, Image targeting, Scaling and Rotating of the object using the Unity software. By attending our course you will be able to master the projects from basic to advance.

  • Basics to advanced
  • Designing
  • Scripting
  • Programming
  • Debugging
  • Simple Project
  • Complex Projects
  • Creating Animation
  • Creating Assets
  • Logic Building
  • Object

Step By Step Guide

It helps you on what to learn, when to learn and how much to learn.

It’s not just a tutorial, it’s like watching movies by our truly personalise learning experience .

AI Assisted Portal

Periodic tests helps you analyze and master skill that needs more attention .

Get a certificate at the end of the course helps you move faster in your career.

You can review the course after purchasing and completing the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented Reality is a technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time. It uses the existing environment and adds information to it to make a new artificial environment

Augmented reality has a very wide range of uses in Medical training, Car mechanics, Television broadcasts, Interior design and modeling and many more. The game, Pokémon Go provides a perfect example of Augmented Reality and helps to begin the widespread development and adoption of this technology.

No, Augmented Reality is not as same as Virtual Reality. In case of Virtual Reality, the real world is replaced by a Stimulated world. However in case of Augmented reality, it supplements the ambience of the real world by integrating elements of interactivity into it.

The term augmented reality was coined by Boeing researcher Tom Caudell in the year 1990.

With the help of this course, you will be able to understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications, Adding 2D and 3D objects in the game, Creating animations, Logic Building, Scripting and Programming and much more.

It brings the components of the digital world into a perception of the real world by the integration of immersive sensations that are perceived as natural parts of an environment. Both the worlds work in seamless coordination, and users get a chance to experience a new and enhanced natural environment

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